Scottsdale, AZ


As an adaptive-reuse of a previous structure, the Girder project makes use of the huge girder beams already in place within the building. With the goal of creating more parking space, the back of the building was essentially removed and added to the west side of the building. The west side became the front to the street, giving new energy to the building while also becoming more accessible to patrons. To create a building that could provide space for more than one tenant, the building was split into three “faces” which break the exterior into separate pieces within, maintaining unity with the expressed use of the exposed girder beams inside each space. While the south side of the building is cut shorter, glass windows wrap the façade. The center space has double height volume that is held up with narrow, lightly placed columns that create monumental space inside. The north side contains a big recess in the building, maintaining a large box shape. A blade wall extends across the front façade to enhance the landscape as well as the parking lot. To embrace the original character of the beams, the Primer Red factory color was kept for the girder beams


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