The ALINE Process

Scottsdale, AZ

We listen. 

Clear and honest expectations are everything.

Our designs are authentic, genuine and inspired. We don't follow trends. 

We are focused on the local community. We want you and Arizona to thrive.

We do not have a standardized design that fits all, but a custom solution to a given site, context, need, vision or opportunity.



We set a clear path for your success

We start every project with a free consult to review the project expectations. We then outline a very clear schedule and process that the project will require to realistically develop the design, complete code review, coordinate all of the consultants, assemble specifications, review and approval milestones, municipal process and requirements, bid review and construction involvement. 

We send bi-weekly status updates keeping you informed. There are 4 major milestones to keep the project on track and everyone on the same page; Concept Development review and approval, 50% and 80% set reviews and approvals, and final submittal set review and approval. While moving through the phases we introduce a collective of consultants and contacts that contribute to the finished product.


Project Inquiry.

Please fill out the form to the best of your ability.

Aline provides a complete suite of architectural services with a higher level of craft and understanding for the built environment.

We are the right fit for:

  • New Commercial Buildings
  • Large Commercial Remodels
  • Mixed - Use
  • Adaptive Reuse
  • Restaurant Remodels
  • New Restaurants
  • New Custom Residential

We do not offer services for:

  • Residential Additions or Remodels
  • Small Commercial Remodels
  • Education
  • Healthcare

Start Date Expectations
Deadline Expectations