Sorso Wine Room

Scottsdale, AZ


Wayfair National Project Spotlight for Restaurant Design 

"Lauren and I took a chance by investing our time and money into a business we're passionate about, but we also knew we weren't qualified to build the place without guidance. ALINE Architecture took our idea and made it a reality," - Mark Teahen 


Located at the Scottsdale Quarter, this wine room concept is focused on its 32-bottle self-serve wine dispensers. The challenge was to create an efficient space that contains the program needed in the 2,500 square feet, and design around its existing shell structure and utilities. The operable façade connects patrons to the exterior in order to maximize the outdoor feel in conjunction with limited patio space. Materials relate to rustic wineries with a modern touch, using wine staves as a door, images of grape leaves as a feature wall, and woods and metals to keep the original shell raw. There are subtle touches that include lockers on the bar front, the number 24 in a private dining room and other elements relating to the owner’s professional baseball career.


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