Scottsdale architecture firm specializes in adaptive reuse projects - feature for the Arizona Business Gazette

November 7th, 2023 12:00am

Brian and Brian sat down with Georgann Yara for a special for the Arizona Business Gazette to talk about the drive behind the beginning of ALINE: adaptive reuse. 



Their specialty in adaptive resue is another distinguishing characteristic. Working with an existing structure and executing the vision for it poses challenges that new construction does not. Understanding the building, howit deals with water flow when it rains and its literal nuts and bolts, needs a different approach, Krob explained. 

"It has its quirks. It's harder and more time consuming. Some are so quick to say, 'Let's tear this down,' or 'We'll figure it out.' (But) no, it's not that easy," Krob said. "There's nostalgia and history... This is how we keep the soul in what we do."

In addition to commercial projects, hospitality and restaurants, ALINE does custom work, some residential and some work for nonprofits. 

"A lot of our projects become a hub in the community. With our collaborations, we are creating something that's different from what 90% of architects do," Krob said. 

Looking for something beyond basic that is design-oriented and far from cookie cutter is what clients have in common, Laubenthal said. 

"I love that we're able to make a positive impact on our community, save some of these buildings from going to landfills and make a difference in people's lives," Laubenthal said. "Those kinds of opportunites are what we revel in."


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