Pitch Pizzeria

Scottsdale, AZ


An Omaha-based pizzeria, Pitch at the Quad is the company’s first venture outside of Nebraska. The concept converted tri-level office space into a restaurant with a double-height dining room and fully operable wall access to its large exterior courtyard. As an anchor to Scottsdale’s the Quad shopping center, Pitch capitalizes on its central location and adjacency to the community room as a private dining experience. The motif is derived from the original converted auto garage in Dundee, Nebraska and reflects casual elegance, utilizing rustic materials and making central the idea of a wine room with a glowing bottle soffit while introducing a functioning cellar. The community-style seating aims to serve large groups of 30+. The restaurant’s coal oven and mesquite grille are central to its space, as they are the backbone of the food offerings.


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7340 E Main St STE 210
Scottsdale, AZ 85251