Fate Brewing Company Scottsdale

Scottsdale, AZ


Scottsdale Spirit Award for helping revitalize McDowell Cooridor


The client approached Aline Architecture to design a new brewery and restaurant/beer garden in Scottsdale’s McDowell Corridor. The large warehouse structure lends is a vaulted space with roof windows for dining, with a signature pizza oven station and flagship beer-tasting bar that extends to its exterior. The beer garden flanks the entire Scottsdale Road frontage, and houses a covered pavilion and large landscaped outdoor rooms with fire elements for games and entertainment. The aesthetic is reminiscent of classic brick warehouses, but with modern rustic elements of board-formed concrete and steel cantilevered trellis light structures. The pavilion introduces a sense of destination to the end of the outdoor space and houses the indoor/outdoor bar connected to the dining room with a bi-folding door system. The fully functioning brewery is on display as an additional entry leads patrons passed the brew house. A barrel aging room adjacent to this entry serves as an additional private dining space and tasting room.


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