Building Architecture Awards

April 8th, 2020 12:00am

Build Award for Excellence in Restaurant Design in Arizona and Most Environmentally Conscious Architecture Firm. 'ALINE Architecture has a focus on creating spaces centered around people's experience. They not only create an amazing space people want to enjoy, but they also think about the quality of space from a sustainability standpoint. They strip the building or design to it's essence, use reconsidered  and true materials, celebrate the structure and details rather than covering them up and develop a design with limited impact on the environment.' 

'We utilize our design beliefs by recycling, repurpose of materials, efficient plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems, solar, skylights, limiting hardscape to only what's necessary, creating more landscape, permeable concrete or decomposed granite, and with many other techniques we exercise we can help bring more balance between nature and the built environment.' - Brian Laubenthal, Principal of ALINE Architecture

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