ADCA 2023 Winners: ALINE Architecture Concepts

January 4th, 2024 12:00am

ALINE recently won two 2023 ADCA awards for Clever Ramen: Platinum Winner for Interior Design Innovative Design Elements + Silver Winner for Interior Design Dining Space Aesthetics. 


If architecture was a ramen bowl! Our client has an authentic approach using natural, healthy ingredients that are locally sourced. They put their passion into the craft of their food and make beautiful dishes for their customers to enjoy. We wanted to capture the passion and values with the design by instilling the same quality, craft, and supporting local. By listening to our client, we began to create a space that responded to their functional needs and aesthetic vision. A meal of ramen can be simple ingredients, beautifully prepared, and taste amazing. What makes it great is the high quality, raw ingredients crafted together for an overall delicious presentation. There is nothing excessive, unnecessary, or wasted. We approached the project in the same manner; Introduce only what is needed, conscientious of budget, and generating as little waste as possible using technology. The simplicity of the design is what carries through to impact the customer and represent the brand, making a space that is welcome and exciting. Many times, projects lose their authentic character because many elements are factory made and less and less, we see handmade crafted materials. We combat this by using simple, less expensive, raw materials and using well-crafted details to bring that handmade touch. The challenge we engaged on Clever Ramen was how to use technology and raw materials to deliver a unique authentic look. The main feature element of the design is a large waving parametric wall and ceiling. While designing the curved plywood feature with our millwork partner, the use of parametric software allowed us to control the shapes of each piece. We started with a more exaggerated form, but the software could show us the amount of material needed and started to go over budget, so we scaled back the shapes. From the software, we were able to calculate the final material cost, and time it would take to produce. Once we had an approved budget, we sent the parameters directly to the CNC machine for accurate cuts and quick turnaround, which limited waste to under 5% as a result. The result is a custom sculpture that fits the client’s budget.


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