3D Printing in Construction Comes of Age- Bluebeam Blog Feature

May 31st, 2022 12:05am

Check out ALINE's venture into using recycled plastics as materials, as featured on the Bluebeam Blog. 



Various roles in building

Additive manufacturing can play many roles in construction and design. Forte Specialty Contractors, for instance, uses 3D design and printing, but in a different way. On the design end, the company constructs a 3D computer model and then prints out quarter-scale 3D printed models of any complex sections—”maybe an interior piece and an exterior piece and [we] put it together as a mock-up,” said CEO Scott Acton. “Standard stuff we’re not going to deal with. Other stuff we [3D print] to make sure we don’t run into issues in the field and delay our process.”

Once the design is set, machines press sheet metal into studs with all cut-outs in place. “We can do five stories, multi-families, no structural steel, right out of the machine,” Acton said. “And it’s all non-combustible. This process has cut off a year from the time frame.”

Architects and builders can also use 3D printing for specific parts, giving themselves time to work up to larger scale uses.

Aline Architecture Concepts in Scottsdale, Arizona, has been using recycled plastic to make wall tiles. “We can print a 6-inch by 6-inch or 12-inch by 12-inch in a few minutes,” said Principal Brian Laubenthal. “We’re currently in construction on a brewery in Phoenix. We’re using them as a feature wall. It’s a test project.”

Aline will see how it performs and then make changes as necessary. The future of 3D printing might include paving sections for a patio or a finished material to mount on exterior walls.

“We’re big on using printed technology and know whether it’s going to be 3D printing or programs like this; eventually our construction drawings are going to be sent to a factory that inputs it and makes it,” Laubenthal said. “It will be a more seamless approach.”


Read the full article here: https://blog.bluebeam.com/3d-printing-construction-tech-adoption/

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