Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Chandler, AZ


‘I enjoy collaborating with ALINE to develop the renderings for their design concepts. Working together we help the client understand more about their project and gives them a real sense for how the finished project will look. This upfront process and value helps to save clients cost and time on changes during the construction phase.’ – TJ Gardner, Owner of Union Street Studio


A 35,000-square-foot space with nine theaters, a full kitchen, and mezzanine structure, Alamo Drafthouse’s design was just as much about the coordination of systems and people as it was about its look and feel. Alamo Draft House is an Austin, TX concept and each of their locations’ themes is derived from the specific area, use or ownership. After our concept development meetings with the Arizona owners we found they have a strong respect for creativity, imagination, movies and their production. We presented a design inspired by Willy Wonka and the song ‘Pure Imagination,’ we focused on Bill’s Candy Shop from the beginning of the movie to design the entry and bar area.


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